Brief: Making a commercial video for Siccaro. The video could be product or brand oriented. 
Concept: The leash and collar is made form 100% recycled nylon - made from old fishnets and other plastics. Our concept was to tell how easy is was to make a change for the better be buying a Sealine leash or collar. We wanted to talk to all who knows the feeling of having great intentions but sometimes fail to succeed.  
Target group: Age 25-45, M/F dog owners, who lives in the city and cares about the environment and climate. 
Concept development - Valdemar, Isabella, Mads Emil.

Director - Valdemar Bolding
DOP & Sounddesign - Isabella Capobianco

Editor - Mads Emil Smed Kjær
Actors - Mads Emil Smed Kjær, Niklas, Emil, Malene Sarto, Valdemar Bolding, Linea Søgaard, Harry (dog).

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