01 - CphBusiness Students
When I was doing my A.P. Degree in Marketing Management the student organisation at CphBusiness asked me if I wanted to help them make a promotion video for their next party. 
I was assisted in the production by Caroline. Please have a look.
02 - The Danish Youth Team 2014
I have had a passion for western riding, and as a youth rider I have participated in many international shows, and won titles as the European Champion 2008 and The FEI Reining World Final Champion 2009. 
After I returned form the European Film College I wanted to keep improving my video skills. Therefore I offered to make 2 promotion videos for the Danish Youth Team in 2014.
I have done all the camerawork and the editing and was assisted by my girlfriend.
 The Presentation
The first video is an introduction to western riding. Here the girls explain the different disciplins in western riding. 
The second video is a short presentation to the team members.
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