01 - Vildspor | Directing
Vildspor, or Astray as the english title is, is my final projekt at EFC. The story is inspired from a story in an interview from the documentary Helende Sår. It made a big impression on me - since it was both tragic and kind of absurd. unfortunately we had to leave the story out of the documentary which is why I decided to make a short film about it instead.

02 - Helende Sår | Camera & Light
Helende Sår, (eng. Healing Wounds) is a story of how drug abuse affects the whole family, and how this can be hard to talk about. 
This project was the story of the directors family and it was a tool for Patrick to process brothers abuse and a way of open up the conversation with his family.
I was the DOP, and did both camera and light work. I also assisted the editing.
03 - Album | Camera & Light
Album was a 8.5 min. project, which means that it could be no longer that 8.5 minutes. The directors vision was to tell a story in the background of the movie. So instead of having the main characters's story in focus it would be flashing in and out of the background of random peoples stories.
I was DOP and did all camerawork and light on this project.
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