The Project
I came up with a business strategy and created the communication platform “Beauty is a pleasure”, which is the key in the brand. The idea behind the communication platfrom is, that it is a pleasure to eat a gummy bear which brings out your natural beauty. This idea is the direct opposition to the 'normal' perception of (in danish) "man må lide for skønheden". (eng.: One must suffer for beauty).
All label design, copywriting and product photography was done by me.​​​​​​​
Down below is a screen shot of the "about us" page. The tekst is focused in the communication platform "Beauty is a pleasure". Therefore, all the titles begin with "Fornøjelsen af ..." (eng.: "the pleasure of"). 

Below you'll see two examples of some print ads.
Some of the first posts on Instagram. 
The focus was to communicate knowledge about our products and the effect of different vitamins and minerals in the products. This should be done in a light informative way while holding a young, fun and "shick" tone of voice.
Both photos and text by me.
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