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About me

Hi! I'm Isabella Capobianco and I'm a passionate videographer and photographer. I have a background in filmmaking and product photography. I have experience with promotion videos, short films, short documentaries, still-life photography, and motion design.


2020 - 2023: BA in Photography & Visual Communication, Danish School of Media & Journalism

2022 - 2023: Photographer & Visual Researcher, Mellow

2018 - 2020: Product Photographer, Designer & Content Creator, Danish Pharmaceutical Industries

2014 - 2018: BA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, CphBusniess 

2013 - 2014: Student, European Film College

Projects include

  • Branding video PLADS23

  • Explainer video for Sexlinien

  • Showcase videos for JRDV Urban International

  • LinkedIn videos for CBS

  • Documentary project for poet & writer Mazen Ismail

  • Behind the scenes videographer for the dance movement COMPOUND

  • Product photographer and designer for Dansk Farmaceutisk Industri​​​​​​​

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